Gifted | Halloween and pumpkin carving with Feisty Pets

Happy Halloween

Lydia, Leo and Emily love Halloween and we all look forward to decorating the house in preparation for the 31st of October with spooky cobwebs, skeletons, keep out tape and other scary props.

This year we are joined by Feisty Pets, Cranky Cathy and Fabio Flamefart. They are cute, soft, cuddly, interactive plushies that stand 10″ tall. On the back of their box, you will get to learn more about your feisty pet’s personalities and what they like and dislike.

Cranky Cathy likes ding dong ditching, dumpster diving and black liquorice but dislikes daylight, superheroes and pumpkins.

Police received a string of complaints from local neighbourhoods of prank doorbell ringers. Once on the scene, Cathy was found in a nearby garage can eating last weeks meals.

Fabio FlameFart likes cilantro (Chinese parsley), ear wax and English accents but dislikes spicy food, the french riviera and cardboard boxes.

Though do not feed Fabio spicy food, his irritable bowl will make him angry and cause him to attack.

Don’t be fooled by their cute looks because these animals become hair-raising and hideous when you give the back of their heads a gentle squeeze. Their eyebrows become slanted and their mouth turns into a horrifying beastly snarl.

Snarling or no snarling, Lydia and Emily are having great fun chasing each other around the house pretending to be all cute and then scare each other.

Our Feisty pet also brought us a pumpkin carving kit (not Cathy because she hates pumpkins) for us to have a go at creating a pumpkin masterpiece which we all thoroughly enjoyed and got stuck in.

Feisty pets from Jazwares are aimed at children 6+ and can be purchased in Smyths, Argos, Tesco, The Entertainer and Morrisons.

*I was sent these products in return for inclusion on my blog*

Read our pumpkin picking experience here.

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