My top 5 fun games for kids

We have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these games for Christmas and I can honestly they are all super fun and straight forward to play. There is nothing worse than opening a kids game to find lots of pieces which could potentially go missing and a confusing instruction booklet. We love straight to the point games and this exactly why we love and recommend these top five.

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Doodle Doo- Tactic

It’s cheeky fun for everyone in this hilarious Children’s board game. The family all get to laugh at the way it plays, put your pen on the maze, cover your eyes and draw… Now follow through to reach the poo! Watch out, though… If your pen strays outside the maze then your friend sets off the whoopee cushion. Whoever finishes the maze wins. Great fun for everyone – mums, dads, grandparents, kids and their friends, a perfect board game for cheeky children! Doodle Doo is an easy-to-play game for the whole family. Each animal maze has one difficulty level for children, 6-year-olds and over and another one for adults. Perfect if you’re fed up with serious drawing games and a quiet night in!

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Don’t Upset the Llama – Tactic games

Llamas are very sensitive creatures so be careful not to irritate them in this game or you could get wet! Be faster than anyone else at spotting the horn or spray on the cards to try and stay dry! A hilarious family game containing a llama spray gun, 64 cards, and a special die. Don’t Upset the Llama!

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Whoopee Doo – Ideal

The hoot if you toot, family challenge game! Sit on the large inflatable whoopee cushion and press the start button. Take a card and complete the challenge, then pass to the next player. Don’t be sitting on the cushion when time runs out or you’ll blow off in front of everybody!

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Shark Chase- Ideal

Escape the shark to be with winner……swim too slow and you’ll be his dinner. Roll the dice and move the corresponding coloured creatures around the board, trying to stay ahead of the shark. Earn points for each creature that makes it safely to the island without being eaten. Reach the island to score and win, the winner is the player the most points after the three rounds.

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Ooks- 5 in 1 Classic games

5 Games in one box: Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Games of the Goose, Race and Bandits. Packed with all of the fun and excitement that made these exciting games an unforgettable part of your childhood, OOKS 5 in 1 Classic Games now adds an exciting new twist, a twist that introduces kids to the wacky world of the OOKS and includes the opportunity to experience an exciting educational OOKS play experience that will thrill them and amaze you!

Disclosure: We received these samples for the purposes of writing this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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