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Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post

You will see me often browsing on Pinterest or scrolling through the endless posts on Facebook groups such as “DIY on a budget” and most recently “The Frenchic fan forum” which very quickly became a firm favourite with me as I really enjoy upcycling old, dated and scruffy pieces.

A few weeks ago, just before the kids returned back to school for the new academic year from being at home for the last six months. David was making us lunch and I was pondering in the living room, looking around thinking what I could do to update and freshen it up. For the past 5 years, we have had these grey walls and this silver/grey striper wallpaper on the other two walls. I needed change.

I have a large grey corner sofa and mostly white furniture so I knew I definitely wanted to keep grey walls but they were getting grubby and I wanted the brighten the room up so I just went over to the wall and started to rip the wallpaper off and that was it, no going back, and now we had to carry on.

The wallpaper luckily for us, peeled off surprisingly easy and didn’t leave any behind which saved us so much time. We prepped the walls by washing them down with sugar soap and off I went with my roller, This time I decided on a lighter shade of grey called Polished pebble by Dulux, we have it in the girls’ room and it’s a lovely fresh, bright colour. I then went over my skirting boards with Frenchic Dazzle Me white, which really makes them stand out.


Next on my to-do list to replace is our wooden floor, I want a grey or lighter wooden floor and David wants the same colour as we have now. I have browsed through my usual sites, which I mentioned at the beginning of this post, and my mind hasn’t changed, I still want light grey and have come across Engineered wood flooring from Flooring365 who stock over 45 different shades of grey to pick from and that is not including the other 300+ colours on their website.

What is Engineered wood?

Engineered wood is a fantastic alternative to solid wood. It has the same high-quality finish and beautiful look as solid wood but is lower maintenance and more durable in the face of moisture or heat.

Engineered wood is created from real wood, giving it the same look, but rather than being one plank of pure wood, it is constructed from multiple layers of different timber. The top layer is the highest quality and most beautiful, giving the floor its final appearance. All the layers are fused and compressed together under intense pressure, creating an extremely stable floorboard.





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