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It’s all well and good making lunches and dinners which you can check out mine here  but what about snacks?

I have put together some yummy snacks including the Synnidge values (syn) with the help of my friend Jess, Thanks Jess 🙂

So first up we have

Egg wrap with spinach mushrooms beef and beans- All Free


Oat pancakes with 2 Syn Maple syrup and Fruit


Quark with Options 1 5, meringue 2.5, rainbow drops 2



Sliced banana with 1 syn cream, 2 syn choc shot, half a tub of Quark mixed with Options 1.5 syn, 3 mikado sticks 1.5 syn. And satsumas

Fibre One brownies 4 Syns each ( I love the Salted Caramel as well )

Muller Light with Strawberries to add that bit of speed food in

Apple (Speed food) and Hi-fi Bar 

Berries also Speed food 

Muller Light again with strawberries, however this time I have added Spray cream mmm 1 Syn for 12g

Blue Riband 5syns each


Choc Shot 0.5 syn per level teaspoon                                                                         Freddo 5 syns

Cadburys cream egg 9syns        Halo top ice cream 12syns per tub                           Snacksize Maltesers 4.5 syn


Mikado 0.5 syn each                               Mini Eggs 6syns per 25g                                           Mini Marsh mellows 1 syn for 20


Mini meringue’s 1.5 syns for 2                Meringue nest 2.5 syns each                Quavers 4.5 syns                          Teddy Faces 4.5 syns 



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  1. Clarel

    Some of them sound good but some I would not try. I have cut down on my fruit as I have not been loosing any weight for a while. Will keep you posted as to how this progresses. I have managed to loose 1lb over the last two weeks. I was very hungry to begin with but now my body has got used to the lesser amount of food and doesn’t crave it so much.

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