12 simple tips to keep your kitchen tidy and organised.

You are here because the subject of this blog post interests you, doesn’t it?  I am not going to lie and tell you that this is what I have always done to stay on top of my kitchen because that’s utter crap. I have a small kitchen with minimal storage space so if I don’t stay on top of it, it becomes messy and cluttered very quickly. – to the point where, if I don’t stay on top of it, I might need to call someone like these arkansas exterminators out to deal with any unwelcome visitors who have made their home among the clutter.

It has only been recently where I have gone through my kitchen and really sorted it out, these are just 11 things I have done to help me which I hope might help you to.

  1. Remove everything from the kitchen that does not belong in there.
  2. Sort and rearrange drawers and cupboards and donate or bin things that you don’t need or use anymore.
  3. Clear worktops and try to keep them clear.
  4. Stay on top of the recycling rubbish. I don’t have space in my kitchen for a recycling bin nor can I be bothered to take every piece of recycling to the big green bin outside every time I open something new. I used to let this pile up before taking it out but now I do it at lunchtime and after dinner and it makes a big difference.
  5. Wash up as you go along if you do not have a dishwasher, not only does it save you from doing a huge lot at the end of the day but it also keeps your sides clear.
  6.  Use storage baskets for the top of wall cupboards to hide away anything you don’t have space to store things elsewhere.  We have baskets for all sorts like batteries, charging cables, my sharpies pens so they are well away from the kids.
  7. I keep my laundry basket in my downstairs loo which gives me more floor space in the kitchen.
  8. Keep windowsill clear of clutter, I am notorious for putting stuff on mine and not clearing it, I am getting better with it now.
  9. If you have space, buy a microwave shelf and fix it to the wall to free up some workspace. We only use ours to make porridge, popcorn and beans and it takes up a lot of space. This is something we are planning on doing.
  10. As soon as the washing is done, fold it up, take it upstairs and put it away. Try not to let washing pile up as I think clothes are the main focus of a cluttered looking house. I try my hardest to stay on top of this and when I do, it really helps keeps the flow of laundry at a manageable pace, it also helps keep the kid’s bedrooms tidier and stops them from asking you where so and so is.
  11. I brought a kitchen trolley for extra storage. It has allowed me to remove things from my worktop and organise them neatly somewhere else. I would recommend this if you have minimal storage but space to put one.
  12. Do not print this out and put it on your fridge. It will look cluttered LOL I am joking, I love having my kids artwork on my fridge but it does look cluttered.

And there we have it, 12 simple steps.

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