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25 ways to prevent your house from being burgled.

25 steps to keep your home secure It has been 12 years since I had my house burgled and it still scared me to go out. I was at work and when I had returned…

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Childrens Gift Guide- For Boys

Welcome to my Christmas gift guides for Boys.

I have put together some ideas together for anyone who is struggling or just needs some idea’s outside the box to buy for the special boy in your life.

First of all, we have the *Discovery Galaxy Tracker 60mm smart telescope.

You download the app on your smartphone and then you can mount the phone on the top of the telescope to make it easier to see the stars. The app tells you the name of the stars and if you move the telescope then the app will just relocate to where it is pointing too.  How cool is this gift for any child who loves learning about the stars? This gift costs £59.99 and can be purchased here.


Do you have a footie mad child in your life who also loves Star Wars? You cannot go wrong with this amazing *Kylo-Ren star wars football from Mitre. It is a match quality football in size 5 and is perfect for playing on grass or astroturf surface. The star wars football costs  £22.00 and you can purchase it from here.

Next, we have a *Crayola Sticker set which contains 500 stickers to choose from, including colouring pens to write on your own stickers. The Crayola sticker set is only £4.00 and available to buy from here.

*Make your very own super bouncer which glows in the dark, ready in just 20 minutes. This would make an excellent stocking filler idea and is on;y £2.00 available to purchase from here 

Ooh now we have the *Trooper bot which is a remote-controlled robot with an in-built dart shooting system, up to 50 actions in programming mode, charges with USB cable and makes robotic sounds for £59.99 and can be purchased here.

I absolutely love this and is definitely on my list this year a Mini Arcade Machine which includes 240 games for hours upon hours of fun for £17.99 available to purchase from here. This would be an amazing gift for all the older boys.

Or maybe your son is like mine and loves making comic strips so having a machine that makes the noises would be amazing. This machine can play 16 different sounds and is brilliant for little pranksters. Cartoon sound effects machine for £6.99 available here 


What boy doesn’t love a torch? especially a star wars Lego stormtrooper LED Torch,  here you can buy one for just £12.00.

Items marked with a * I received in return for inclusion into my gift guide

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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Are you stuck on what to buy your Girlfriend, Wife, Sister, Friend, Auntie, Grandma, Daughter?

Have a browse through my gift guide and check these stunning gifts out, also make sure to check their websites out for more on their ranges.

First on my list is *The Olverum Bath Oil travel set. Each bottle contains 5ml which is enough for 3 luxurious baths each. Olverum literally is ‘hygge’ in a bottle – such a deeply soothing, relaxing and uplifting treat, which will help you achieve a great nights sleep. Olverum would make the ideal gift for the discerning lady or gentleman. This set is £19.00 and can be purchased from here and is also available from a range of stockists, which can be found on their website.

Do you have a Big sister ‘Ahem Tash’ who LOVES her Gin? Why not treat her to this beautiful *Gin and Tonic infusion set from Sous chef, all you need to do is add the Gin. This set includes Timut pepper, star anise, Cardamom, rose petals and cocktail spoon and masher. This beautiful set costs £17.50 and is available to buy here.

Where is a torch when you need one? This *Tough torch from Jml is brilliant and comes with a carry case to keep it protected. It has 5 beam modes, sits easily in your pocket or purse, adjustable spotlight to floodlight and up to 6000 lux, 14x brighter than ordinary torches. The Tough Torch costs just £19.99 and is available to buy from here.

If you are like me and are obsessed with Oral care then Splat oral care is the way forward. In my photo, you can see the *Blackwood whitening toothpaste which is fluoride free, contains activated charcoal and is also Vegan-friendly. This costs £7.95 and you get a 75ml tube. Then we have the *Express Oral care foam which, may I add is brilliant! This costs £5.95 for a 50ml bottle. This is great if you’re on the move as you don’t need water, as it just freshens your mouth up after a meal if you cannot get to your toothbrush. It is a brilliant idea for all my friends wearing braces out there. Then we have the *Nordic berries strengthening toothpaste which comes in a 75ml tube and costs £7.95. The Nordic berries is a very effective toothpaste with 14 active ingredients. In fact, it would make a perfect present for older people as this is when they start seeing these issues. So maybe a toothpaste for your Grandma?





*The Complete Pamper Pack by 7th heaven (Montagne Jennesse), the worlds number 1 face mask brand, which is cruelty-free and completely natural.  WOW WOW WOW, the ultimate pamper pack more like. What girl doesn’t love face masks and being pampered. This pack is incredible and well worth the £19.99. 7th Heaven do a range of different goody boxes and hampers to suit your budget and in this one it includes:

  • 10 different face masks
  • 2 hair mask treatments
  • pom pom
  • face cloth
  • waffle headband
  • 1 pair of foot treatment socks for dry and rough feet
  • 10 finger masks to strengthen nails and cuticles
  • 1 pair of hand treatment gloves for dry and rough hands

You can buy this amazing set at Argos

Now, I absolutely love Nelsons range. The first Item I ever bought was the Arnicare cream that helps the healing process of bruising for when I had my double jaw surgery, it was brilliant. When I was offered to sample some different products from Nelsons, I jumped at the chance and chose the *bath and massage oil, of course. It is a dual purpose balm enriched with Evening Primrose and rich Sweet Almond oil to naturally hydrate the skin.  It can be used in the bath or massaged into tired skin.This product only costs £8.55 and can be purchased here. Then we have the *Calendula hand cream containing natural extract of calendula, which is known for its skin conditioning properties. This will make an excellent stocking filler for either men or women and only costs £5.09 available to buy from here. 


Make sure to check out my Christmas gift guide for boys here and girls here for some more amazing ideas.

Items marked with a * I received in return for inclusion into my gift guide


Christmas Gift guide- For Girls

Welcome to my gift guide for girls

Christmas is fastly approaching and if you still haven’t started the Christmas shop or your struggling for idea’s then maybe I can help you with these beautiful gift ideas for girls (and boys)

Emily is Obsessed with Peppa pig it is all she talks about and it’s what she has asked Santa Claus for Christmas so let’s start with this:

*Peppa’s Alphaphonics campervan teaches your child letters and words and they learn through a variety of different games. You can buy this here for £22.99



*Peppa’s 3 Piece dinner set which includes a plate, bowl and plastic cup for an affordable price of £4.00 from here. They also sell a *Peppa pig expandable flannel (Stocking filler) for only £1.00 here amongst other items from the Peppa Pig range, so definitely worth having a browse here if you have a crazy fan at home.


*Peppa’s Interactive Playmat is designed for children to get active through fun and learning, The playmat helps with the early number and colour recognition, imaginative play, listening and attention as well as many other features. You can buy this for £14.99 from here.

*Make your own Puppy, we chose this as it looks just like our puppy Rosie and I am looking forward to girly time making this with Lydia I know this will be her new best teddy. This costs £5.00 and you can buy it here They also have other make your own soft toys in this range.

*Once upon a time Personalised fairy tale book. This book is amazing and has 12 classic stories with beautifully illustrated pages which are personalised with your child name. It is a treasure that I know she will very much enjoy and cherish. This beautiful storybook is only £29.99 and available to buy from here.

*My Fairy Garden- Now you can have your very own Fairy garden, watch your child’s eyes light up every day as the magic grows (the grass) and will really capture your child’s imagination. This is only £12.99 and can be purchased here.

*Mould and paint Fairies and unicorns fridge magnets- Perfect for creative children who love making things, I know my girls will have so much fun making these, who doesn’t love fairies and unicorns? I am certainly looking forward to having my fridge filled with these beauties and they are only £4.00 from here.


*Rosie meets grumpy cat in Petlandia – Oh my, I love this book so much it is brilliant and personalised with our puppy Rosie. The story is fun and it just makes it so much better having her included in it. You can add your dog or cat and there is also a selection of different breeds to pick from to match them. This pawsome personalised book costs £19.99 and you can purchase your very own here.

*Children’s wooden Kitchen utensil set- This set includes 8 beechwood utensils for little hands so they can help you get stuck in with the cooking/baking. I have 2 little chefs who love doing cooking and baking with mummy so when I came across this set I had to have it. This costs £9.50 and can be purchased here.

For all your My Little Pony Fans how about *Princess Twilight Sparkle, you can dress her hair up with 11 different accessories, her clip-on wings and rainbow shoes for £15.00 from here.


These are amazing if I do say so myself and perfect for stocking fillers. We all know how much of a struggle it can be getting our children to brush their teeth and these products provide the answer to that. First, we have the *Ice-cream flavoured tooth-paste for £4.95 for ages 2-6, *Bubblegum flavoured tooth-paste for the older kids aged 6-11 and *Chocolate flavoured enamel protection toothpaste, We all know it is far more healthier to give a child chocolate toothpaste a chocolate. These are available to purchase here.

I really hope you have found my gift guide for girls helpful and please make sure to check out the websites and look around, they have lots of amazing products on there.

For my Christmas gift guide for boys please click here and for Her please click here


Items marked with a * I received in return for inclusion into my gift guide

Wiggle Jiggle Pet and Liquid lava putty by Addo play -Our review

Wiggle Jiggle Pet by Addo play                                   

How cute is this little fluff ball?

Setting up

The Wiggle jiggle pet is very easy to set up and does require one AAA battery which is not included. The battery compartment is safely tucked up under the pet, you will need a little screwdriver to get into it as it is very well protected from little prodding hands. The wiggle jiggle pet is for children aged 3 and up.



What does it do?

Switch on the switch under the hamster and then place it on a hard surface and watch it run around the floor manoeuvring itself around the furniture, Emily found it hilarious to watch. This little pet would be an amazing stocking filler or present this Christmas and Birthdays to come. My 5 and 11-year-old loved it too.

The Wiggle Jiggle pets are available to purchase instore and online from  The Entertainer toy shop


Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty by Addo Play

We reviewed the changing colours liquid lava putty Orange to Yellow, The heat from your hands activates the colour change and the yellow it turns is a vibrant yellow. The putty comes in a round metal tin for easy storage and upon opening the putty just peels out, It is quite tough to start with but as you get moulding it does get softer and you can hear snaps, you can pull it apart and bounce it is really therapeutic as well for adults.



My 11-year-old loves the feel of blue-tack so when I handed him the liquid lava putty over his eyes lit up a treat



Liquid Lava putty also comes in a variety of colours and can be purchased at The Entertainer Toy Shop

***I was sent these products in return for an honest review, all opinions and photos are of my own***