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Christmas Gift guide- For Girls

Welcome to my gift guide for girls Christmas is fastly approaching and if you still haven’t started the Christmas shop or your struggling for idea’s then maybe I can help you with these beautiful gift ideas…

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Wiggle Jiggle Pet and Liquid lava putty by Addo play -Our review

Wiggle Jiggle Pet by Addo play                                   

How cute is this little fluff ball?

Setting up

The Wiggle jiggle pet is very easy to set up and does require one AAA battery which is not included. The battery compartment is safely tucked up under the pet, you will need a little screwdriver to get into it as it is very well protected from little prodding hands. The wiggle jiggle pet is for children aged 3 and up.



What does it do?

Switch on the switch under the hamster and then place it on a hard surface and watch it run around the floor manoeuvring itself around the furniture, Emily found it hilarious to watch. This little pet would be an amazing stocking filler or present this Christmas and Birthdays to come. My 5 and 11-year-old loved it too.

The Wiggle Jiggle pets are available to purchase instore and online from  The Entertainer toy shop


Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty by Addo Play

We reviewed the changing colours liquid lava putty Orange to Yellow, The heat from your hands activates the colour change and the yellow it turns is a vibrant yellow. The putty comes in a round metal tin for easy storage and upon opening the putty just peels out, It is quite tough to start with but as you get moulding it does get softer and you can hear snaps, you can pull it apart and bounce it is really therapeutic as well for adults.



My 11-year-old loves the feel of blue-tack so when I handed him the liquid lava putty over his eyes lit up a treat



Liquid Lava putty also comes in a variety of colours and can be purchased at The Entertainer Toy Shop

***I was sent these products in return for an honest review, all opinions and photos are of my own***


Ready Steady Dough Cupcake Carousel by Addo play

 Cupcake Carousel

My 5-year-old daughter is a very creative little girl and her little sister who is 3-years-old loves dough and cake so when we were sent cupcake carousel to review I was thrilled because I knew it would be thoroughly enjoyed, especially being dough and now Emily is getting to the right age they both enjoyed reviewing this product together.

Ready steady dough cupcake carousel is a 3+ set and encourages children’s imagination and sense of touch. It was also the winner in the right start 2017 toy awards.

Whats included?

  • 5 medium pots of dough
  • 2 plates2 craft tools
  • 2 cupcake mould trays
  • 1 three-layered cake display
  • 1 cupcake case
  • 1 piper with a plunge












The girls really enjoyed playing with this and loved making all sorts of yummy looking cakes which they could either copy from the front of the box or create their very own masterpiece of yumminess. Lyd made a piece of chocolate cake and made a snail cake and Emily made a lovely yellow and red cupcake. I also love how you can blend two colours together to make another colour, the colour blending chart is on the back of the box.

we made this video earlier today of the girls really getting involved and having fun, please take a look.  Give us a thumbs up and subscribe to be notified when our next video will be uploaded.


This would make an excellent Christmas or birthday present for both boys and girls from ages 3+

Ready steady dough cupcake carousel is available to purchase from The Entertainer Toy Shop. 



***I was sent this product to review in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are of my own.***

Quick lunch and dinner Idea’s for slimming world

Quick affordable meal Idea’s to help those on slimming world

Losing weight does not have to be expensive, we are a family of 5 and have a budget each week for our food shop which is between £70-80 so to keep costs down and get more for our money we shop at good old Aldi’s.

Another way to keep the cost down is to make a shopping list and STICK to it, you can see my post on saving money whilst shopping HERE.

I also get asked for Idea’s on cheap affordable meal Idea’s for lunch and dinner times so here we go:

Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • 5% beef mince we use 500g as a family of 5 (free)
  • Tin of chopped tomatoes (free)
  • Beef stock cubes, I use 3 (free)
  • Worchester sauce (free)
  • Frozen chopped Onions (free and speed food)
  • Frozen crushed garlic (free and speed food)
  • Cheese (HeA if you want to use it)
  • Mixed spices (free)
  • spaghetti or pasta (free)

All ingredients are from Aldi



Salmon and spinach                                                

  • Frozen salmon ( free ) you can buy a pack of 6 out the freezers for £3.99
  • Pasta (free)
  • Spinach (free and speed)
  • Peas (free)
  • Dill

Of course the more speed food you add the better loss you get.

All ingredients are from Aldi





Cottage pie with courgettes and cauliflower

  • 5% Beef mince (free)
  • Tin of baked beans (free and speed)
  • Sweetcorn (free)
  • Peas (free)
  • 2 Beef stock cubes
  • Frozen courgettes from Iceland
  • Frozen cauliflower from Iceland
  • Swede (free and speed )
  • Carrot (free and speed)
  • Cheese (HeA) optional

Ingredients are from Aldi and Iceland





  • Raspberries ( free and speed)
  • Boiled egg (free )
  • Tuna in spring water ( free)
  • Blueberries (free)
  • Spinach (free and speed)
  • cucumber (free and speed)
  • Sweetcorn (free)


All ingredients are from Aldi





Steak and Roasted Vegetables

(This is more a couples meal as it would be quite expensive to feed families with steak)


  • 10oz Rump steak (free) £3.99 per steak
  • Carrots (free and speed)
  • Courgette (free and speed)
  • Red onion (free and speed)
  • Roasted potatoes ( I use my Tefal acti-fry )
  • Little dollop of lighter than light mayonnaise (1 level teaspoon 2.5syn) optional


All ingredients are from Aldi






Salmon and Quinoa and spinach


  • Salmon ( from the fridges and comes in a pack of 2 for around £2.99 (free) or you can use the frozen salmon where you buy 6 for £3.99
  • Spinach (free and speed)
  • Red onion (free and speed)
  • Garlic (free and speed)
  • sweet mini peppers (free and speed)
  • 200g of dried Quinoa or couscous ( free)

All ingredients are from Aldi




Pulled pork, chips and sweetcorn (Slowcooker)

  • Pork Joint (cut visible fat off and its Free)                                                          
  • Garlic cloves x3 (free and speed)
  • 500g Passata (free)
  • Balsamic vinegar 3tbsp(free)
  • Mustard powder 1tsp (free) yellow one
  • Powdered sweetener 3tbsp (free)
  • Worchester sauce 5 tbsp (free)
  • Salt and Pepper to season
  • Potatoes (free)
  • Sweetcorn (free )



Welcome to Holland *

A grandmothers point of view on Leo’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy

Jo was young in more than years when she got pregnant with Leo. , She loved going out and being around her friends as time went past and the bump grew bigger, She loved the fact she could buy baby stuff and all the gadgets associated with having a baby. The house she shared with Leos dad was soon taken over by just about everything the baby books said she should have. The pregnancy went pretty smoothly until 29 weeks when she came round to mine and told me she was bleeding, Together we went to the hospital to check things out. At the hospital, they were concerned that she could go into labour early and gave her steroid injections to ripen the baby’s lungs. Luckily that didn’t happen and Leo hung on in there until 42 weeks when a sweep started the labour, Joannes labour was funny she was mainly worried about them running out of gas and air, Towards the end of the labour the midwife noted that joannes heart rate was rising rapidly and Leos was dropping just as dramatically. She pressed the bell and nurses and doctors came running, Jo was told she had to deliver and they gave her five minutes. Watching her push Leo out into the world hearing the machines alarms going off, again and again, As Leo was born l looked down (Jo didn’t know at this point what she was having) and I watched Leo take his very first breath. taking him from a deep purple to a lovely pink colour, Leo was checked over and handed to Joanne for her first ever cuddle with the baby that made her a mummy.

Unfortunately, because Joannes blood passed through to Leo when she had the bleed they were unable to leave the hospital for almost two weeks. Finally, they got to take Leo home and begin being a family. Joannes sister also had a baby 9 days after Jo had Leo. Over the next few months, everything was fine until Joanne began to notice that Leo wasn’t doing the things his cousin Ellie could do, When you picked Leo up he didn’t mould around you but stayed rigid. Jo mentioned this to the health visitor but was told time and again nothing was wrong and babies develop at different speeds. This went on until Leo was 14 months old and her GP finally listened and sent us off to the child development unit to get him checked out. We spent almost the whole day there with Leo having test after test after test. Around 3 pm the doctor called us into his room and announced that the next step would be a whole team meeting where Leos Physio Speech Therapist GP Health visitor and the Social worker would be invited to attend. Joanne responded with ‘Leo doesn’t have a social worker’ to which the doctor responded with ‘it’s not unusual for a child with Cerebral Palsy to have a Social worker. Joanne looked straight at the doctor and said ‘ He doesn’t have Cerebral Palsy’ and the doctor replied ‘Oh yes he does’. That’s how Leo was diagnosed! He couldn’t answer any of the questions that immediately came out. The only advice he gave was ‘Don’t look on the internet it will scare you’

I went with Joanne to her house after the hospital visit and of course the first thing we did was go online and googled Cerebral Palsy and the doctor was right it did scare us. Joanne was in bits. We called her health visitor and she promised to get all the information she could and would come over the next morning. With that l left Jo and Leos dad to digest the news they had been given.

That night all l can remember is crying my eyes out. The lack of knowledge about Cerebral Palsy just made the whole thing scarier. One thing l was so certain was unfair was that out of all my children Joanne was the least able to deal with raising a child with special needs. She just didn’t have the forceful personality l knew she would need. She would never call out a professional if she thought they were wrong or ill-informed (or so l thought),

Over the next few years I saw my daughter mature gain confidence and fight for her son like the lioness she is now, She made doctors repeat themselves until she understood why they were doing what they were doing to Leo. She questioned everything and took nothing at face value. As Leo grew bigger and the relationship with Leos dad ended she did more and more for Leo who at the age of four was still unable to walk and had to be carried everywhere – Joanne weighed 8 stone soaking wet and Leo was by no means a small child, I saw her in tears with frustration and pain, Lugging a four-year-old up and down stairs and in and out of baths and cars was not easy for her. Inside Leo could get around by high knee crawling but outside of the house had no mobility at all until he got a mini zimmer frame which he had a few months before it fell apart and was taken off him, The next frame he was given was huge and he couldn’t use it as easily.

This was Joannes life and she couldn’t ever see it getting any better she was terrified of the day that Leo would just be too heavy for her and continued to carry him even when she really shouldn’t have done. The one day she opened the computer to a message she knew would change both their lives forever.

*Emily Perl Kingsley Poem about giving birth to a child with special needs