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Cervical Screenings and how important they are.

It has nearly been a year since I received the awful smear test results through the post, I say awful as that is what it felt like at the time but really it is a…

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My review of Freeze-dried dog food from Pure Petfood and giveaway

Pure Petfood review

On Friday I received a 2kg chunky chicken superfood recipe in the post to review.

Once I opened the parcel I was instantly drawn to the packaging of the box. The ingredients grab your attention straight away as its the same food us humans would eat, upon opening the box there was a scoop and bag clip laying on the top of the food for you to use.

The food is dehydrated so all you need to do is add a scoop of warm tap water (the number of scoops depends on the size of your dog) give it a good stir and leave to sit for 10-15minutes to rehydrate. Pure petfood is a complete, balanced food for puppies and adult dogs and is great for dogs with multiple meat intolerances.

Rosie our 4.5month labrador puppy really enjoyed this food, we are introducing it slowly along with the food she is already on. Once we had weighed the food and added the warm water you could smell straight away how good it is, not like your other pet food which smells rank, the consistency is good too.

I think Rosie could smell it in the kitchen as she was going crazy at the door and as soon as we put it down, she emptied that bowl in no time at all and then chased the bowl around the living room licking it clean.

I couldn’t take a still photo of her eating as she was so quick and was moving around a lot but you get the picture, She LOVED it!


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I was given a sample of this product in return for a fair and honest review

Terms and conditions: Prize give away open to UK residents aged 18 and over only. The competition ends midnight on the 30th November 2017 and the winner will be contacted by email after this date. The prize is non-transferable and no alternative will be offered.

Juvéderm® Lip fillers

Lip Fillers

For years I had toyed with the idea of lip fillers, but when I knew I was going to have my double jaw surgery I thought it would be better to wait and see what they look like after. Quite a lot of my jawbie friends on the facebook support group had said they had got fuller lips after surgery because their jaw wasn’t so stretched out post-op.

I thought I would start researching about it and find out as much as possible before my op so if I wasn’t happy after I could just go for it and book in.

I came across a local Aesthetics clinic called Anew medical aesthetics and I bombarded her with message after message for months with questions which she was only too happy to answer for me.

Rebecca is also a GP which made my choice a lot easier about who to go with. I was, at the time 5 months post op and if anything my top lip looked a lot thinner so I just went for it.

When I arrived at her clinic she had certificates visible on the walls for you to see, she passed me a medical history form to fill out. Once I had completed it and handed it back she put some numbing cream on my lips. I decided I wanted to go for the 1ml Syringe instead of 0.5ml as I had read how people regretted not going for the 1ml. Of course, I asked Rebecca what she recommended first.

She washed her hands, put on her gloves and opened the Juvéderm® box in front of me, then she took out the new clean sterile syringe.

I was pleasantly surprised because I thought it was going to be painful having a needle in your lips. It did, however, sting like a bitch when she did the cupids bow but I was pre-warned about this.

I only opted for my top lip as I had a fuller bottom lip already but next time I go I’ll be getting both done.

Once she was finished she handed me an ice pack to place on my lip to reduce the swelling.

I had my lip fillers done on a Wednesday eve and when I woke up on Thursday morning my lip was HUGE and I needed to do the school run,  it was so embarrassing. In the evening my darling daughter decided to headbutt me in the lip and my god it swelled up double the size for a few days so I tried to avoid going out.

It has been 5 months now since I had my lip filler and It is still plump 🙂 Happy JoJo

If you are debating on whether to get fillers please make sure you do your research and don’t just go to a beautician, go to a physician who also specialises in aesthetics like Rebecca.

Operation day and Recovery

Double jaw surgery day January 17th, 2017

A day I had been looking forward to for 14 months, a day that I was counting down for.

I slept surprisingly well the night before surgery, I had to be at the hospital for 7 am. I had done the weeks shop and prepared a meal plan for my partner. I had organised the kid’s clothes they were going to wear daily so David didn’t have to rummage too much to find a matching outfit/s.

I woke up, french braided my hair and rang a taxi. The hardest part was saying goodbye to my babies because when I come home I would look very different. I kissed them goodbye and cried my eyes out all the way there.

I checked in the day surgery unit and then had a good 6-hour wait. I took my word search book which kept me occupied for short periods, but then I had a little panic attack as reality was setting in and I was about to have my Jaws broken.

David had turned up to wait with me once he had got the kids to school and I just held his hand so tight I was really getting scared now as midday was approaching as that’s when my surgery would be.

Before I knew it my name was called and I was asked to go and get my gown on. It was literally 5 minutes and I kissed him goodbye and walked to surgery crying and shaking. The walls were soo white and clinical and there was hardly anyone about.

I laid on the bed whilst I was having some checks done and before I knew it the cannula was in and I was waking up in recovery.

I woke up in HDU and I remember seeing my mum and David briefly (around 7 pm)  before falling asleep seconds later and not waking up again till 2 am when I needed a wee.

I felt so sick from the general but I was too scared to be sick as my jaws were broken I didn’t want to damage them, so I breathed through it. I managed to drink through a straw straight away but my throat was so sore from the breathing tube it made me not want to.

I didn’t see my swollen face until I was on the ward later on that day but my god I could feel how heavy my head was but not any pain.

When I got to the ward I couldn’t wait to see David and also get my phone back because I still hadn’t seen my face but for the first time in my whole life, my bottom and top teeth touched.

When David got to the hospital I remember asking him if he had taken any photos of me just after surgery and I was so happy when he said he had ( the above photos) I would have been so gutted if he hadn’t.

I managed to eat an ice cream and some jelly and drink a cup of Tea and some soup on day 1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 ( Peak of the swelling )

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 15

6-week post op

10 weeks post op

9 Months post op


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Pre op


(This photo was taken 2 minutes before I walked down to surgery)

I had been wearing braces now for 14 months and even though I had encountered the most horrific and painful mouth ulcers I had ever experienced with the brackets catching on the bracket and ripping them open.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my teeth change and my confidence bloom, It’s funny because my overbite was growing bigger as my teeth were straightening up but I felt amazing because I knew what was happening next would truly change my life.

My pre-op appointment took place a week before my big day on the 28th December 2016. My Orthodontist explained what was going to happen in this appointment.

Firstly he took a mould of my teeth, which surprisingly wasn’t that disgusting pink putty stuff. It was a camera which scanned around my teeth and then a 3D image of my teeth appeared on his screen, it was brilliant to see.

I then got sent for some Xrays to make I was 100% ready for my Surgery, which I was and then I was sent down to have my pre-op photographs taken.

Next appointment was a week later and at that appointment was my medical pre-op to make sure I was fit and healthy for my big day.

Here is the Video I made the night before my double jaw surgery.

I also have a blog on my facebook page about my whole journey so far which has more detailed and thorough posts. You can be directed to my page if you click here.