1 YEAR POST OP-Double Jaw Surgery

I cannot believe it has been 1 year since my double jaw surgery already and how quickly time has passed, This time last year (11.55am) I was minutes away before being called to get changed into my gown, giving David a goodbye kiss and then walking down to surgery ready for my 4-5 hour operation.

Thinking back to that time I get butterflies in my belly as I can remember just how terrified I was but how excited I was at the same time about my impending surgery, I had followed so many people’s journeys prior to mine but could never imagine myself that swollen and going through what they did but I did. I got through it and now I am fully recovered it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am not self-conscious about smiling anymore or being caught mid laughter in a photographer as before I would cringe and plead for it to be deleted. I enjoy being in photographs with my children instead of being stood behind the camera taking the photo.

I used to look at peoples perfect teeth and wish mine was like theirs and why wasn’t mine like theirs, It just wasn’t fair.

The first week was horrible but once you get past that point it is a quick turnaround and you feel great, you get your energy back, your swelling is going down and you can just about see some results. Then every day after that for a good 7 months you will notice changes.

Take a look at my previous posts where I have posted pre-op photographs and my journey after surgery, It really is life changing and worth it.


Now I just can’t wait to get my braces removed, hopefully not much longer to wait and I know that the wait will be totally worth it.

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