Wiggle Jiggle Pet and Liquid lava putty by Addo play -Our review

Wiggle Jiggle Pet by Addo play                                   

How cute is this little fluff ball?

Setting up

The Wiggle jiggle pet is very easy to set up and does require one AAA battery which is not included. The battery compartment is safely tucked up under the pet, you will need a little screwdriver to get into it as it is very well protected from little prodding hands. The wiggle jiggle pet is for children aged 3 and up.



What does it do?

Switch on the switch under the hamster and then place it on a hard surface and watch it run around the floor manoeuvring itself around the furniture, Emily found it hilarious to watch. This little pet would be an amazing stocking filler or present this Christmas and Birthdays to come. My 5 and 11-year-old loved it too.

The Wiggle Jiggle pets are available to purchase instore and online from  The Entertainer toy shop


Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty by Addo Play

We reviewed the changing colours liquid lava putty Orange to Yellow, The heat from your hands activates the colour change and the yellow it turns is a vibrant yellow. The putty comes in a round metal tin for easy storage and upon opening the putty just peels out, It is quite tough to start with but as you get moulding it does get softer and you can hear snaps, you can pull it apart and bounce it is really therapeutic as well for adults.



My 11-year-old loves the feel of blue-tack so when I handed him the liquid lava putty over his eyes lit up a treat



Liquid Lava putty also comes in a variety of colours and can be purchased at The Entertainer Toy Shop

***I was sent these products in return for an honest review, all opinions and photos are of my own***


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