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The knight tribe- Baby Secrets             Reveal your Baby’s secret

My daughters are 3 and 5 and love anything that comes in a blind bag which they can collect  I would however recommend you use a waterproof surface i.e a tablecloth when you do the reveal as my girls got animated when they found out the genders. The babies fit perfectly in little hands, their arms and legs are adjustable so they can sit as well as lay flat and their heads can be moved side to side.

These little bundles of joy can be purchased either as a single pack or in a larger activity pack. Kids love blind bags and there are 50 of these to collect. The single packs come with a plastic bath tub with the baby inside the blind bag along with a birth certificate to fill out once you have revealed his/her secret and a collectors guide. These retail at £2.99 which I think are great value for money and a great incentive for kids to earn pocket money for.



The knight trive baby secrets review

There are 4 activity packs to collect – Pram pack, Rocking horse pack, Bassinet pack and high chair pack. In each of these packs which retail at £12.99  there are 2 babies, a bathtub with another baby in a blind bag, 3 birth certificates and a collectors guide.

In the collectors guide there are 4 groups in which the babies are found in. Common, Rare, Ultra Rare and Limited Edition.


The knight tribe -baby secrets review


Whats the secret you ask?

The babies are all wearing white nappies so you dont know if they are a girl or boy, to find out and reveal the surprise you fill the bath tub with water and sit the baby inside.   The nappy will either turn pink or blue and now you know what gender your baby is so you can fill out his/ hers birth certificate. Each baby has individual features such as hair colour, eye colour , skin colour, facial expressions and each one has their own big personality and you get to name them yourself on their Individual birth certificates.

The knight trive baby secrets review                                                                                   (This little one is dressed in a chef hat and oven glove)


The knight trive baby secrets review                                                   Lydia said  “Aww they’re adorable” and Emily said “They are cute Babies and I love them.”


Baby Secrets are available to buy at all good toy stores, to find out more you can visit the Baby Secrets HQ or check out there Facebook page.


***Baby Secrets Pram Activity pack was gifted to us in return for an honest review***

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  1. Clarel Clarke

    Sounds like fun. Hope you have lots of space to keep them all 🙂

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