Gifted | Nixplay Seed 10″ Digital photo frame review

I am so excited to tell you all about the Nixplay Digital photo frame. I was sent the Seed version in the 10inch widescreen model to review and now that I have had it a few weeks I am in a position to tell you about it and give my honest opinion on this product.

Not everyone has the space on the wall for every gorgeous photo they want to show and people living in rented accommodation are not always allowed to put photo’s up due to making holes in the wall. My mum’s flat is very small and her mobility isn’t great, so she struggles to put up lots of photos. She would really appreciate something like this where she can showcase a wide selection of photo’s while only taking up a small amount of space, plus she would save money on photo frames.

The photo of the frame on the box is the actual size of the product so you can see its true size straight away, which is great as there is nothing worse then guestimating and being disappointed once you have opened the box.

On the back of the box, there are six key features of the product describing it’s unique selling points;

Instant Sharing Share moments from anywhere in the world using the Nixplay mobile app or email.

Nixplay Friends Invite family and friends to send photos directly to your frame.

High-Resolution Display Clear and vivid colour reproduction.

Simple Set-Up Connect to a WIFI network and display your favourite photos within minutes.

Cloud Account Access all your photos from different devices and platforms in one place.

Hu-Motion Sensor Frame turns on automatically when you enter the room.

In the box, you have your photo frame, remote control, a quick set up guide booklet and your power cable which is a USB cable and a supplied powered adapter; the USB cable must only be used with the adapter. I like that Nixplay has supplied adapter attachments so this can be used in Europe and America, as well as here in the UK. The power cable is also rigid and bendable so you can use it as a stand. You wouldn’t be able to mount the frame on the wall as the back of it is wide and would stick out so Ideally this is better on units, sideboards, etc.

You can stand your frame in either portrait or landscape orientation and the frame will automatically adjust.

One thing I really like with the Nixplay is the motion detectors on the bottom left corner. The thought of having to keep switching it on and off every day would annoy me and it probably more than likely wouldn’t have got used. This, however, turns itself off if no motion is detected after ten minutes (you can change the time in the settings) and then back on again automatically once motion is detected, which means you are not wasting unnecessary power and reducing your carbon footprint by not having it switched on all of the time.

The remote control gives you complete control of the photo frame allowing you to adjust the settings, flick through photo’s faster, swap playlists, pause/ resume and switch the power off.

I found setting up really simple and easy to do. As soon as you have plugged your device in it will ask you to enter your WIFI password which can be done using your little remote control. Then you will be asked to either create an account or log in, again very straight forward to do. You can either do it on your desktop or download the Nixplay app and do it through there, which is what I did.

The Knight Tribe - Nixplay Seed

Now I had set it up I was ready to start uploading my photos straight to my photo frame. I found the App really easy to navigate around and the whole process is very straight forward. You can create various playlists and invite family and friends to contribute to the album from their devices too, which is pretty cool as I plan on giving this to my Mum.





The Nixplay Seed is available to buy online here

** I received this product in return for an honest review **





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