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Ad/gifted products- We received these products in exchange for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own

UniVerse Surprise toys retail for £5 each and there are over 40 of these cute little Unicorns to collect.

UniVerse is an emoji inspired soft cloud toy and inside the cloud there are four blind bags to reveal, but how do we get to the blind bags?

Simply submerge the cute little cloud into a bowl of warm water and after a few seconds you will see the water change colour and the cloud starting to disintegrate leaving sticky slime and revealing your bags.

You will need to grab a tea towel for this part as it can get very sticky, the bags are all safely protected in a sealed bag which you will need to open to take your surprise’s out of. I would also lay something on the table as It can get a bit messy with the slime.

Both girls had so much fun opening the bags especially when they saw the Unicorns, they LOVE unicorns. In each cloud surprise you will get one unicorn , a pet, two accessories and scratch card with that particular unicorns likes, dislikes and favorite food. You can also swap and change the accessories with another Uni-Verse Unicorn if you have ‘un-boxed’ more than one.

You can use the Unicorns horn to reveal your scratch card but Emily wanted to use a scratchy pen that she already had. They love going through the collectors guide to see what their Unicorns names are and what type of rarity they are.

Who did we get?

This one is called Super Stariana from superstar city and she loves bows, dislikes hot sauce and her favourite food is toffee apples

This one is called Jam-Boree Jamie and she is from sweet treats landing. She loves palm trees, dislikes scratching and her favourite food is sponge cake.

Meet Anne- Artica from Mist-terious land, she is a translucent Unicorn. She loves snowmen, dislikes the sun and her favourite food is hot chocolate.

And last but not least we have Dilly Dolly Dotty from Funtasy land. She is extra unique and she loves socks, dislikes combs and her favourite food is pie.

What we thought:

The girls loved that you had to submerge the cloud into warm water to get to the surprise bags but didn’t like the slime or the smell of the slime, however, the Unicorns and accessories made it all worth it at the end and they love playing with them. I  think these are worth the £5 price tag but I wouldn’t pay anymore for them.

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