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Disclosure This is a collaborative post with Eufy by Anker however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, Eufy sent me the latest model of there handheld vacuum to review and you should all know by now how excited I was to put it to the test. I also own a handheld version of a different brand and was eager to see how the two compared. Eufy won hands down for so many reasons and let me explain why.

First impressions

The box is matt black with metallic red font which immediately screams elegance to me. The picture on the front, is the product being used in action. Powerfully sucking up what looks like an a spillage of dry cereal from a sofa. There is also another picture of the mini- motorized pet brush in use, which is what I am mostly interested in as I have two endlessly malting Labradors. The product comes very well compacted in the box to keep it safe from damage during transit, nothing is getting damaged in this box.

What’s in the box?

  • The beauty that is the Eufy H30 Mate
  • 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Charging base
  • 2-in-1 Crevice tool
  • Mini-motorized pet brush – Small brush to clean dust with a curved blade on the other end to remove long hair from the roller.
  • Wall plugs and screws x2 to attach the charging base to a wall.
  • Owners manual and warranty in a protected sleeve to match the sleekness of the box.

Up to here, we have only discussed the packaging and the contents of the box and it already illustrates how much planning and attention to detail has gone into designing this product.

Distinguishing features:

  • 250ml large capacity dust box for life’s daily messes.
  • Store accessories with the fast-charging dock for quick and easy access.
  • Switch between modes for the suction power that suits you: Max mode : 80AW, Eco mode: 35AW
  • Outstanding 20 minute run-time. You may not thing that 20 minutes is long enough but believe me, it is.
  • It had a headlight when the crevice tool is being used, so that you can see what if you have missed anything.
  • Ultra lightweight- At only 1.7lbs/ 808g, cleaning is effortless.
  • Great for pet hair, perfect for quick clean ups and ideal for cleaning the car.

Now, what do I think of it?

I have an obsession when it comes to vacuum cleaners, I love them. My two dogs malt so much that I struggle to keep on top of all the dog hair and it can feel overbearing and depressing. We have a rule that the dogs are not allowed to sit or sleep on the sofa because of the sheer volume of shedding. Rosie likes to lick everything. I have seen what she licks at home and on walks and it is not pleasant. (Bonzo’s who har, mud, cat poop) and Bonzo, well, his a whole different kettle of fish.

Although they are not allowed on the sofa, the sofa still gets covered with dog hair from the kids after they have been playing with them or, it just randomly floats in the air from movement and then settles down to rest annoyingly on the seats. Pet hair also likes to irritate me by settling on the shelf under my Ikea table, side table and Tv unit and no matter how much I try to keep on top of it, it dominates the bottom floor in our home.

Using my brand spanking new Eufy home vac has made life a whole lot easier for us, especially with the motorized pet tool on the sofa. I do not have to use as much energy, moving my arm up and down to get the hair to come off, as the suction pulls it off and the tool grabs the hair effortlessly.

Lydia, dropped half a box of cereal from the cupboard the other day and the Eufy, sucked it up instantly and I still had space in the dust box for more. Usually, I would have spent double the amount of time trying to clean it up with my other handheld and I would of had to have emptied the dust box at least twice with that volume of spillage.

The suction alone makes this product amazing, I used to use my normal vacuum to clean the stairs because my old handheld just could not cope with it. However, this one is amazing on my stairs which then makes my life easier because the kids can now do it for me and not complain about how heavy it is. There’s no excuses.

Additionally, I am very impressed with how it performs in the car. I still have to use my usual upright vacuum for the floor because again, dog hair from the bottom of the kids shoes get embedded in the weird, fuzzy carpet they put in cars. The Eufy copes very well on the seats and for the middle sections of the floor but didn’t quite have the suction for the edges of the car even with the crevice tool attached. But, that’s okay and definitely has not put me off from using it in my car.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product and would 100% recommend it to anyone, especially to those with kids and pets for the reasons above. The kids are fascinated by it and enjoy using it. You definitely do not need to go out and buy a second battery because the unit is a fast charge and it genuinely does what it says.

Now for the deciding factor, cost.

The Eufy H30 Homevac would cost you £169.99 on Amazon however, You can get it for £129.99 by ticking the voucher box for £40 off, which I think is a bargain. Two years ago I brought a hand hand vacuum with and extra battery from another well known brand for £179.00, each battery only lasted 8minutes and the dust box is half the size. Eufy’s dust box is double the size.

The majority of us do not have a lot of disposable income so it shouldn’t stop us from being able to buy high end, quality products like this.

I hope you found my review informative and if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.

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