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The Knight Tribe | Weekly Updates

Week 1 -Finally had my follow up Blood test. I suffer badly with Health Hypochondria and earlier this year I decided I didn’t want to take my sertraline tablets anymore because they were making me…

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AD | How to Inject Some Body Confidence Into Your Life

There’s no doubt about it; women are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way. The media floods us with images of ultra-slim ladies, then as soon as we visit Facebook or Instagram, there are yet more images of females with flawless skin, perfect pouts and immaculate tans.

It’s enough to make a woman weep – which is why it’s so important to fight to be more body confident. Here are a few handy tips.


Getting body confident

  • Remember, it’s not reality. This is so important to keep in mind. Those images of smooth, unlined faces? They’ve been photoshopped. That model who looks so slender in that Twitter photo? She’s standing at a specific angle, and is sucking her belly in. This isn’t real. Real is wobbly bits, wrinkles, discoloured patches and hair in odd places. Don’t let the media convince you otherwise!


  • Happy is far more gorgeous than thin. All humans are hardwired to respond positively to smiling, positive people. If you’re feeling good about yourself, you’ll look fantastic, regardless of whether you’re a size 8 or a size 28. Starving yourself to the point of exhaustion isn’t happiness. Neither is worrying constantly about your spots, or fretting about that loose skin on your stomach.


  • Celebrate the good bits. Take a long, hard look in the mirror. Rather than zoning in on the bits you don’t like about your body, focus on the parts that you love. For example, this might be your curvy bum, or your long, elegant legs. You might have fabulously glossy hair, or cute freckles. Get in the habit of doing this every day, until it becomes second nature.


  • Be kind to yourself. Being too self-critical can lead to a range of health conditions, such as anxiety. Learn to listen to your body. If you’re feeling run-down, perhaps you’re not resting enough, or not eating the right things. If you need a break, take one! If you want to give yourself a bit of a lift, treat yourself to something, like a spa day with a friend, or a new perfume from somewhere like the Copycat Fragrances shop. Your body deserves respect – from yourself as well as others.


  • Wear the clothes you wouldn’t normally dare to. It’s time to get a bit feisty. Who says you can’t wear a bikini after having kids? Who suggested that funky leather jackets could only be worn by those under 50? If you want to wear it, go for it. Ignore naysayers and haters. Any unkind comments usually come from those that have their own insecurities going on.


  • See your body as the amazing thing it is. Your physical self is capable of phenomenal things. It can be trained to run marathons or climb mountains. It powers you through the day. It might have grown babies (which is pretty incredible, when you think about it). It should be regarded as your best friend, not your worst enemy. Learn to love it like it deserves.


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The Knight Tribe | Fathers Day 2019 Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Sunday 16th June 2019

(I was sent these products in exchange for inclusion in my gift guide)

Hello and welcome to this year’s Fathers day gift guide. I have put together a fantastic range of gift idea’s this year for those of you who want or need some inspiration.  I like to keep my gift guides affordable and pocket-friendly whilst still retaining good quality items for the special men in our lives, also of which they will find very useful.

Wilkinson SWORD Hydro 5 Sense razor/Wilkinson SWORD Hydro 5 Groomer

The new Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense razor (RRP £12.00) will do the thinking for him thanks to shock-absorb technology which auto-adjusts the amount of pressure it is putting on your face. Giving him the ultimate customised shave. It would be great if you could consider including Wilkinson Sword in your Father’s Day roundup!

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019

Super Facialist Skincare brand

Award-winning high street skincare brand Super Facialist is excited to enter the Men’s category with a collection of results-driven and specially formulated products to address men’s skincare needs.

Super Facialist for men expertly blends Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic acid alongside natural extracts of cactus water and volcanic sands. the performance-driven formulations combining science and nature, deliver real results at affordable prices on the high street.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019


Presidio® STAY CLEAR slim cases stay clearly beautiful longer. Their high-tech coating resists UV rays, oils, and other substances to help prevent discolouration. A patented two-layer design absorbs and disperses shock on impact. Engineered to withstand drops of up to 8 feet, these cases have been tested by third-party laboratories to ensure superior protection. A raised bezel helps to protect your screen from scratching and shattering if your phone falls face-down.

Good things come in small packages… The Speck GrabTab [4] is a slim grip-assist accessory that provides a secure hold on your device without adding extra bulk.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019

Critically Endangered Socks

A sock company that helps protect some of the world’s most critically endangered animals (and critically endangered animal dads). The socks themselves are made from a beautifully soft and sustainable blend of bamboo and cotton. The socks, which come in five designs and two sizes, and retail at £12 a pair.

Their socks are not sustainable. Fashion brands aren’t sustainable. The more items they sell, the more resources they consume. But they do try to be as kind to our blue planet as they can. Like using bamboo, a biodegradable, natural material which is incredibly fast growing. And making sure all their materials are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they are certified free of any harmful chemicals.

The socks are made from a soft blend of 40% bamboo, 40% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex.

The Snowball iCE – Blue Microphones

The Snowball iCE is a compact cardioid microphone, great at capturing vocals, music, podcast recordings or for gaming. It comes in either black or white and is currently retailing on Amazon for £44.99 – so affordable for those looking for a quality mic or present on a budget.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019

Neos SmartCam

A pocket-sized indoor SmartCam that can be controlled from the Neos app. The SmartCam is incredibly affordable (only £20), easy to set-up and can be used by dads to keep an eye on their home, kids and pets – all from a Smartphone. It is also compatible with Alexa.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019

Ring RTC1000 Digital Tyre inflator 12v

Powerful, quick and accurate. Inflates a 13″ tyre from flat to 35psi in under 2 mins. The flat design remains stable when inflating. Features include a quick-set dial, large backlit digital screen and a bright, integrated LED light. Powered directly from a vehicles 12V socket with the attached 3m power cable. The specially designed compartment on the back of unit stores the 0.5m airline. Supplied with case, 3 piece adaptor set and spare valve caps.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019

Zippo HeatBank™

 rechargeable hand warmer keeps you warm from the office to the woods. The convenient power bank feature also recharges your USB compatible device, so you can stay connected while enjoying the outdoors.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019

Best of British Beer

Hand made by British craftsmen from sturdy plywood, this brilliant carry case comes complete with 6 bottles of quality British beer.

6 x 500ml bottles of beer from award-winning breweries – 2 pale ales, 2 golden beers and 2 Best Bitters – ideal for quenching thirst.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019


Featuring a geometric botanical design, we incorporate up to 12 letters through the leaves to create our modern take on the family tree. Your surname is added to the centre along with ‘Dad Heart of the ‘___’ Family’, a message that Dad will love to read each time he uses the glass.

Love Layla Designs

Love Layla Designs put a fresh twist on traditional Father’s Day cards, wrapping paper and gifts, with designs that are original, hilarious and often very inappropriate!

The brand has a hilarious range of rude, daring and inclusive cards to give to whoever is filling the role of ‘Dad’, providing recognition without actually having to say “I Love You!”.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019

Australian men’s skin care brand Black Leopard have newly launched in the UK! Created by men, for men!

Launching with an initial range of six hero products which includes their Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum–  Black Leopard ingredients are naturally derived and scientifically proven products that won’t harm your skin or the earth.

Designed to hydrate, plump and revitalise your skin, ensuring you feel good at every stage of the day.

The Knight Tribe- Fathers day gift guide 2019



I hope you have gained inspiration from the gifts I have showcased for you for Fathers day and I would love to hear from you if you have purchased any of them after seeing them here on my blog, just pop a comment below 🙂

Thank you for popping by,




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Moji Pops- Switch moods, flip faces, change emotions, love life


– switch moods, flip faces, change emotions, love life –

We received a really exciting parcel this week and I have made the girls wait until this weekend to open it, which has been perfect to keep the kids from arguing all week.

Lydia and Emily have been having a blast playing and reviewing the new series 1 Moji Pops collection from Magic box toys. These fun little characters hit the shelves last month (March 2019) with their flip face emotions that are a huge hit with the girls.

Moji Pops are small toy characters based on real life objects with a removable face. On each side of the face, there is a different emotion which you can pop out and flip over to change the mood of your character. You can even swap the face with a different character. The characters have a rubbery feel to them which makes it easier to pop the face out ready to flip or swap over. Emily especially loved the feel of these.

There are 90 different characters to collect, from the worlds of pets, home, nature, travel, music, food and sport, including six ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops. With a variety of different sets to collect to suit all budgets making these pocket money friendly toys too. Each pack includes a collectors guide so they could tick off  their characters as they unbox.

(This is the back of the blister pack, the collectors guides are folded up individually in the blind bags and boxed story sets)

Em and Lydia were ecstatic to find some Ultra-rares in our un-boxing haul.

(These are the Ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops)

Available in this range there is:

  • Blind bags- All children love a blind bag and the element of surprise that comes with it; you get one character inside. (RRP 0.90p each)
  • 12 different boxed ‘story’ sets (RRP 2.50 each) that include two Moji Pops and a mini stage  
  • Six different ‘Photo Pop’ blister packs (RRP 7.50 each) that contain four Moji Pops, photo booth style accessories, a display stand and a mini photobooth frame to capture cool poses.
  • ‘Blister Glitter Surprise’, a blister 8-pack with six Moji Pops plus two surprises including ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops. (RRP 10.00 each)
  • Four different ‘I Like…’ playsets: I Like Ice Cream, I Like Pets, I Like Party and I Like Movies. These contain two themed Moji Pops, and a variety of pieces of scenery and accessories to bring the theme to life. (RRP 12.00 each)

The play sets are pretty cool. We received the ‘I Like Party’ and ‘I Like Ice Cream’ play sets and the girls have spent hours in their bedroom role playing different scenes and creating different stories using the flip faces for different moods.

Would I buy Moji Pops?

Yes I would. They are fun and affordable.  I love that you can switch their faces and that they can fit into a little bag so children can take them along on their adventures to keep them entertained and are available to buy here.Moji Pops



***We were sent these products in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own***



Kidzania and Easter Half term fun with Yoshi’s Crafted World


We have just returned from a fun family day out in London visiting Kidzania for the first time and as it happens, it was also the first trip to London with all five of us.

To celebrate the launch of Yoshi’s Crafted World on the Nintendo Switch, we were invited to come to Kidzania for the day to take part in the exclusive Easter egg hunt featuring the beloved character and have a play on the newly released game which we all enjoyed very much, especially Leo who is Nintendo mad.

Anyone visiting Kidzania during Easter holidays can take part in Yoshi’s Easter fun, which is running until Sunday the 21st April 2019.

Visiting Kidzania

As we approached the top of the escalator the first thing the kids saw was the front of a giant aeroplane and as we got to the top we could see Kidzania and a queue of people waiting to get inside. We were there on a press event so we went straight over to join the queue, otherwise, you would need to go to the desk opposite to the entrance to pick up/purchase your boarding passes (tickets).

As you go through the entrance, it is set up to look like an airport with gate signs and escalators replicating a real airport showing you where to go to check in.

Once you have gone all the way to the top of the escalators you will reach check-in which looks like you are actually at an airport. When it was our turn we handed over our boarding passes, which then got ripped just like a normal boarding pass would and handed back.

The lady behind the desk asked the children how old they were before putting on a security tag on our wrists including us adults. This was so they couldn’t leave Kidzania without an adult if they had got lost and also to check them in and out of jobs, which I will get to shortly.

The kids were given a hairnet to look after in case they did any cooking and 50 Kidzo’s to get them started on their day. Kidzo’s are Kidzania’s currency so when they have completed a job, they get paid in Kidzo’s.

Once we had finished checking in, we headed straight over to the Nintendo switch event where Leo, Lydia and Emily got to play on Nintendo’s new game ‘Yoshi’s Crafted World’ for a short while before heading off on an Easter egg hunt around the city.

They were each given an activity book and inside there were seven clues on where to find the letters they needed to complete the hunt and win a prize. The clues were easy enough for the children to work out on their own with no adult help and it was lovely to see them take the lead.

After we had completed the Egg hunt we went to explore more of Kidzania, but first I needed to offload the five coats I was now carrying with me. We saw a storage locker place that costs £3.50 and was big enough to fit two backpacks and five coats inside. You don’t get a refund upon returning the key, but it was a small price to pay to have my arms free to take photo’s and not have to worry about carrying luggage.

Their first job was to be a Dentist, as there was no queue at the time for this one, so I thought it would be a good starting point. When it is their turn to go in they have to be checked in and out and they do this by scanning their security tags. This was so they knew the age of the children and where the children were.

For this particular job, they were inside for fifteen minutes and there is a member of staff inside each workplace to give instructions and create a structure to what they are doing and then at the end, as they are checked out, they get paid in Kidzo’s which really impressed Lydia and Emily.

Each job has an information board at the entrance stating how many kids can go in at one time, the duration of the job, a minimum age limit and a salary of how many Kidzo’s they would earn in the duration of the job.

Only kids are allowed inside the workplace and the adults have to wait outside, but there are tables and chairs scattered around so you can sit and watch them/wait for them whilst enjoying a cup of tea. You can also bring in your own drinks and snacks if you wanted to save some money.

As a parent, I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes and bringing something with you to help pass the time, as you will be waiting around for them – a lot.

Our next stop was food, so we headed over to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen where the kids could make their own burger to eat. This does cost £3 each which you have to prepay for at the till. Today, however, it was running slow. The sessions say they run for 15 minutes but for some reason, it was more 20 minutes which took a big chunk out of our day and I wish we had just brought them burgers, but they had fun so it was ok.

David and I had bought ourselves two cheeseburgers and 2 fries whilst we were waiting for them. There is a kids meal you can buy for £6.95 that comes with a burger, fries/chips and a drink. Otherwise, the main menu provides each part of the meal separately and will cost a lot more – although the portions are bigger.

After lunch, Leo and Lydia wanted to go and work in the Nintendo switch Labo lab. This job came in two parts, which each took 25 minutes.

In the first part, Leo and Lydia got to build and decorate an RC car for the switch and in the second part they got to play with all the Labo sets that had been already made. Lydia’s favourite was the house and Leo’s was the piano. They each earnt 8 Kidzo’s.

I knew this wasn’t Milly’s thing so whilst David was staying to watch them, I took her round to be a baby care nurse, a job which had caught her eye as she could see Luvabella through the glass.  Inside she got to wear a uniform and then pick a Luvabella baby from a cot. They learnt how to look after a baby; feed them, play with them, change their nappies and put them to sleep! Emily really enjoyed this job and earnt herself 6 Kidzo’s.

Next door she got to be a paramedic – she looked adorable in her little uniform – and in no time at all, she had carried out her first liver transplant at the grand age of 4. When I asked her what she had to do she said “I had to cut his belly skin off, pull out the brown thing and then put another brown thing and then put his belly skin back on again.” This earnt her 8 Kidzo’s.

Whilst Emily and I had gone off to do these two work placements, David was still waiting for the kids at the Labo so, unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of time left for Leo and Lydia to do anything else, as you only got a 4-hour time slot so we went for an ice cream at the shop and headed to check out.

Just before we were about to make our way to the airport to check out, Lydia announced that she had left her Labo Rc back at the activity station so we went back to get it. We noticed lots of press and curiosity got the better of me, turned out that it was the Nintendo Labo Director, Sakaguchi-san, with the two BAFTA games awards that Nintendo Labo just won in family and Game Innovation categories.

How’s that for good timing.

We had to go through immigration when we were leaving Kidzania and inside there was a photoshop where a member of staff scans your security bracelet and the photos of you that had been taken throughout the day appeared on the screen. We bought a print for £12 and you get the digital copy free (the code is on one of the receipts they give you).

Upon checking out, we got our bracelets scanned and removed before heading to the shop so the kids can spend the money they had earnt throughout the day. The shop wasn’t that great, unfortunately, and most of the half decent toys you could buy were over 100 Kidzo’s which I doubt you could earn during one visit alone unless the kids work tirelessly. If anything, it teaches kids to work hard to earn more.

A very kind family did randomly give us 75 Kidzo’s which we put towards a princess crown for Emily that cost 110. Lydia and Leo decided to take their’s home in case we ever came back.

We had a lovely day in Kidzania and we will definitely come back soon so the kids can explore some more of the city.  Four hours is plenty long enough for the day but not enough to do everything.




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***We received complimentary tickets in return for a review on our blog, all opinions are my own.***