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The Top 7 Tag with The Knight Tribe

First and foremost I would like to wish you all a Happy new year from all of us Knights and another thank you to Jaymee from The Mum Diaries for tagging me to join in…

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Bah Humbug! Fest at Peterborough Arena

20th December -30th December

For 10 days only, Bah Humbug! is at Peterborough Arena covering 100,000 sq ft with over 40 attractions and inflatables and today The Knight Tribe came to visit.

One ticket, one price – 4 hours of unlimited family fun. There are two sessions a day 12-4 pm or 5-9 pm

We arrived at the venue for 12pm and was given our wristbands which allowed us to go on the rides how ever many times as we wanted. My kids had been very excited on the build up to this and I was just as eager to see what they had to offer, especially so I could tell all my lovely readers about it.

The knight Tribe- Bah humbug! fest

The attractions

My children are 4, 6 and 13 years old and there was plenty of rides for all of them to go on together or on their own. With the inflatables they had everything from crazy golf to slides and Obstacle courses, bouncy castles, Air tennis, football shoot, basketball shoot, giant wipe out stepping stones which you will find something suitable for all the family.

There are also so many rides there for all the family to enjoy too. Lydia went on the Moondancer with her cousins at least 10 times and I am actually surprised that she wasnt sick like I almost was, lol.  you can view the full list of rides here. 

Emily’s favorite was the inflatable course, even if she did face plant it and split her lip which involved a trip to first aid where she was helped by a lovely paramedic called Trish, she cleaned her up, made her laugh and gave her lots of cuddles before handing me back a smiley little princess.

Leo as most of you know has cerebral palsy and if it wasn’t for the fact he was sat down in a bumper car for 2 hours solid as this was his favourite ride I think he would of really struggled from the lack of seating.

I have a fractured foot which really started to hurt and I could not sit down anywhere inside for a rest.

On the mobility note, only one ride Leo struggled with and that was the crazy Bulls and that was only because he could not physically pull his body up and lift his leg over but uncle Stephen gave him a helping hand and Leol

Mimanaged to stay on longer than him.


Like any fairground there has to be 2p machines and Bah humbug! fest did not fail on this. The kids loved having a play and better still they didn’t seem to be rigged like the seaside ones because the kids kept winning the prizes and those coins were dropping.

The knight Tribe- Bah humbug! fest

The only things that are not included in the ticket price are food/drink and the prize games, so if you are planning on buying food or having a go on the games then bring cash with you as it is cash-only. The prize game prices ranged from £2 to £3.50 a go, so again that was quite steep.

The knight Tribe- Bah humbug! fest

I am not sure if that is Peterborough Arena’s doing or Bah humbugs! but £5.50 for a cheeseburger is expensive, especially with 3 kids so try and get some lunch before you come or bring lots of snacks with you, I also brought drink bottles for the kids in my bag which saved me £££

Toilets are situated at the entrance outside and inside the venue and are kept very clean.

The Entertainment

You can meet Peppa and George who come out at certain times. Peppa starts at 13.00pm and then George comes out at 13.30 and then again at 14.00 and 14.30 and so on till 4pm.

Emily got to meet them both so she was a very happy little bunny, her favorite characters in one place and we didn’t even have to leave our town.


Over the next 9 days there will be different character appearances from Paw patrol, Pj masks and Peppa Pig which you can check the full details and dates out here.

On the stage next to the meet and greet The little mix experience were performing live on stage and they were absolutely brilliant, originally when we first entered we could hear singing and I honestly thought they had the album playing in the background but it was them warming up. Lydia loved showing off some dance moves in the middle of the stage.

They will be performing everyday throughout the Fest.

If you are looking for a fun-filled family day out then you should definitley consider coming to the Bah humbug! fest.

The tickets are £20 each or a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) is £70 which I know seems a bit steep but if you factor in how much the fair costs per ride, £2 sometimes £2.50 each for a 30 second ride then £20 for unlimited rides is justifiable and I would definitely pay to come back next year.

To book you tickets, click here.


***We were given compliment







The Knight Tribe go to the Panto 2018

Peter Pan

The knight Tribe- Peterpan

Christmas has crept up on us super fast. We love visiting our local theater to see the Pantomime, and this year it was Peter Pan.

We arrived at the key theatre ready for the 12.30pm show and made our way upstairs; there is a lift available for those who cannot use the stairs and the toilets are situated on the ground floor.

I always treat the kids to a flashy light toy, which are reasonably priced and we also brought five snack bags ready for the show. They cost us £3.95 each and included:

  • Popcorn
  • Fruit shoot
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Voucher for a little tub of vanilla ice cream at the interval

Photo of all the price guides are here to help anyone planning a visit, so you budget accordingly.

We entered the auditorium and our seats were situated near the top on the end. No matter where you sit in the theatre you will have a good view and little booster seats are available from the steward as walk inside. Emily needed one so she could sit higher up and see.

The knight Tribe- Peterpan

Tinkerbell opened up the show and had us all laughing instantly. I looked over at David and the kids and just watched their faces full of laughter and joy. From start to finish they kept us entertained with plenty of jokes for both children and adults, and the songs were fun too. Emily was really into it this year and I loved seeing her, along with Leo and Lydia get involved with all the shouting – as well as David. I think David was enjoying it just as much as the kids because every time I looked over he was really getting involved.

A few Important notes

  • The show itself is 2 hours and 10 minutes long which includes the interval. The last show is on January the 6th so you still have plenty of time to book.
  •  The car park is £2.60 for two hours or £3.60 for 3 hours and blue badge holders are allowed an extra hour on top of what they have paid.
  • Peter Pan is showing until the 6th of January
  • Tickets cost between £12-£18.50


  • The knight Tribe- Peterpan




***We was given complimentary tickets***




Rescue Runts from Bandai review and Giveaway

Rescue Runts are 7″ plush puppies who desperately need your child’s help to transform them into loved and cared for pups.

A Christmas 2018 toy must have!!


We received a Rescue Runts Spaniel puppy who needed Lydia’s help and she was only too happy to oblige. We have a dog ourselves and although she isn’t a rescue she is very loved and the thought of a puppy looking like this really touched her heart.

Whats in the Box?

7″ Plush puppy, brush, tweezers,cloth, collar, bandage and six colorful fleas.

She named her ‘Penny’ and made it official by writing her name on the collar which is included in the box and cutting out the certificate on the back of the box and filling it in.

Before putting Penny’s new collar on, she needed to remove those pesky fleas. There are 6 colorful flee’s loosely attached to the puppy so they can be easily removed with tweezers provided.

There is a bandage that needs removing from her leg, which again is easy to do and would not need an adults help.

There are little stickers on their eyes which resemble tears that can be peeled off, and a little stitch on the mouth so you can pull her tongue down to smile.

Her paws are very muddy so you will need to clean them by using the cloth to rub them away and make them nice and clean. Her ears are pointing down which means that she is not happy so you can perk them up for her.

All that needs doing now is to make that scruffy coat all beautiful by using the brush.

Now you have a well groomed, well loved, happy little pup to play with and make memories with and if you keep all the bits you can play with it over and over again.

This toy does not require any batteries, which will keep the adults happy, and provide hours of fun whilst teaching the child to care for an animal physically and emotionally.

They can be enjoyed by both boys and girls and are not gender specified; Lydia just wanted to call hers after her friend.

There are 4 to collect and retail at £17.99 each and are available to buy from all good toy stores.

Enter my giveaway below for a chance of winning your very own


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The Knight Tribes- Older Teens and Adults Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Having recently completed a gift guide for children I thought it would be a good idea to share one for older teens and Adults. So, this is what I think would make a great addition to my Christmas Gifts this year, especially for those who are difficult to buy for.

The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

Here we have a selection of goodies from Konditor and Cook consisting of a box of 16 mince pies which taste sensational, Cinnamon star cookies and Kipferl cookies which are delicious butter cookies made with ground almonds and homemade vanilla sugar.  The Knight Tribe really enjoyed these tasty treats and would make a fantastic gift this Christmas.

The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

Go Get Glitter body mist by Impulse is a must have. These Body mists smell so good, my favourite is the limited edition Coconut Spritz I just cant get enough of it at the moment. They also do a Limited edition Melted Candy Unicorn dust mist, which also smells as good as it sounds. Both bottles are a decent 150ml which is the perfect size for a handbag. I also dont mind the girls wearing this as it is not over powering and light to wear.

The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

I have been trying to be a little more eco conscious this year however one thing I do struggle with is my water intake. This reusable bottle from Chillys claim to keep drinks cold for 24 hours! I can’t wait to put it to the test and I think in the summer this will be heaven!

The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

Both David and I are big cheese eaters! I love sitting down in the evening with cheese, apple and ready salted crisps! The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit  makes 10 cheeses and follows a really easy to follow instruction book. There are enough ingredients included to make 40 batches of cheese! Pretty impressive!The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

These lashes are great! They are faux mink lashes and they help to create fullness and definition. Teamed up with Pinky Goat GlueMe they can be worn up to 10 times making them great value for money and perfect for the party season.

The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

The Gillette Limited Edition Fushion5 razor is going into David’s stocking. It is always handy to have and thanks to the Flexball technology there are fewer hairs missed. There is also a precision trimmer for the hard to reach areas.


Another super handy stocking filler is the Varta Torch and reusable batteries. David would love this and with it being really practical to have. The Varta Outdoor Sports has so many great features such as being shock proof for 2m, It is water resistant and glows in the dark. Which to be honest I don’t understand why all torches are not glow in the dark, especially for power cuts!

The rechargeable batteries are pretty vital at Christmas! There is always that one toy that doesn’t come with batteries and we always seem to run out! I love how it helps to reduce single use batteries so I feel I am doing another thing for the environment.

The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

I wasn’t entirely sure which gift guide to place this in. I know Leo would love it so it would fit in great with the children’s gift guide however I know David and I would love it too! It is a great family game but I thought I would place it in this guide. The Emoji Game is an hilarious family card game which can be played with 3-6 players. The games don’t take an awful long time to play either so it makes it a great option for a quick game!

Each player takes it in turns to perform the action on the card. The first to collect a set of five card in the same emotional set has to declare their emotion and they win!

The Knight Tribe- Gift Guide

Corks is another family game which would fit in well in both guides. To play all you need to do is be the first to collect a full set of cards and then grab a cork. Immediately all the other players have to grab a cork of their own, one by one a player loses. It is one of those games that more players are certainly more fun! Inspired the traditional game Spoons, Corks have brightly coloured playing cards with co ordinated coloured corks.


*I was sent the products in exchange for being featured*