James and the Birthday Balloon

Last week we received our very first book to review called ‘James and the Birthday Balloon’ as soon as we opened it both girls immediately asked me to read it to them so that is just what I did. Now it is Emily’s favourite book, every night she picks out this book for me to read and then she re-tells me the story.

James and the birthday balloon book review



We loved receiving a personalised and signed message from the author which was a lovely touch .

James and Ruby remind me of Emily and her cousin Mason, AKA Moose from mummyandmoose as these two are also best friends and they do lovely things to make each other feel better and smile, just like James and Ruby – except neither one of us lives on a farm, much to Emily’s disappointment.

The moral of the story is about small acts of kindness; how a smile and a kind gesture when someone is sad and scared can go a long way to making people around you feel better.

It is a beautifully illustrated book with 23 pages and really gets your child engaged in the story. Dr Ranj is the voice on the audio copy of this book and there is a QR code on the back that you can scan and with your mobile to download the audio file for you to listen too.

Thank you for sending us this awesome story. We are looking forward to reading more on the series. If you would like a copy of your own, you can purchase by clicking here.


***The knight tribe received this book in return for an honest review and inclusion on our blog***





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  1. Clarel Clarke

    It is so lovely when children enjoy a story and the parents are willing to read them at bedtime. This bodes well for the future as the child will then be interested in reading their own stories. As a child once said Books have better pictures than a television.

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