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Operation day and Recovery

Double jaw surgery day January 17th, 2017 A day I had been looking forward to for 14 months, a day that I was counting down for. I slept surprisingly well the night before surgery, I…

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Pre op


(This photo was taken 2 minutes before I walked down to surgery)

I had been wearing braces now for 14 months and even though I had encountered the most horrific and painful mouth ulcers I had ever experienced with the brackets catching on the bracket and ripping them open.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my teeth change and my confidence bloom, It’s funny because my overbite was growing bigger as my teeth were straightening up but I felt amazing because I knew what was happening next would truly change my life.

My pre-op appointment took place a week before my big day on the 28th December 2016. My Orthodontist explained what was going to happen in this appointment.

Firstly he took a mould of my teeth, which surprisingly wasn’t that disgusting pink putty stuff. It was a camera which scanned around my teeth and then a 3D image of my teeth appeared on his screen, it was brilliant to see.

I then got sent for some Xrays to make I was 100% ready for my Surgery, which I was and then I was sent down to have my pre-op photographs taken.

Next appointment was a week later and at that appointment was my medical pre-op to make sure I was fit and healthy for my big day.

Here is the Video I made the night before my double jaw surgery.

I also have a blog on my facebook page about my whole journey so far which has more detailed and thorough posts. You can be directed to my page if you click here.

Double Jaw Surgery – The begining

Where my Journey started

All my life I have detested my teeth, I have felt ugly, unhappy and had no confidence.

It was like I had a huge bright arrow pointing at my face wherever I went and everyone was looking at my teeth and the more I tried to cover my face the brighter the arrow would get and there was no escape.

When I was 11 I was running in the school hallway and I tripped over a carpet door strip which was raised, I smashed my face so hard on the floor and broke half off of my 2 front teeth.

My dad rushed me to the dentist who fixed them for me by filing them down and replacing with crowns. At the age of 12, I received my braces and I hated them.

In hindsight, this should have been a blessing for me but in fact it only highlighted my mouth even more and made the comments even worse. I should have ignored them at the time and just rolled with it but I was a barely a teen and this was the last thing I needed then or so I thought.

Fast forward to 2015 (28 years old) after years of feeling unconfident I booked myself in for a free Invisalign appointment as I was desperate to do something about it now. I went to my appointment excited thinking this was it, I’m going to get the smile I have always wanted, to then be completely shattered when he told me Invisalign wouldn’t work for me as my jaws are misaligned and I would need Jaw surgery if I wanted that smile I had always dreamt of. He said it would be covered on the NHS because of how big my overbite was (11cm at the time). In order for him to proceed with referring me I would need to pay £100 for x-ray’s as it was a private clinic but then he could refer me on to the hospital so without a doubt I paid and he did what he said he would do and a few weeks later I received a appointment for 6 months time which was June 2015.

I was a nervous wreck, this was my last chance of getting nice teeth and i didn’t know if the consultant orthodontist was going to say yes or no. I remember feeling really sick on the way there, I didn’t talk that morning and i know this sounds a bit OTT but it felt like my life was depending on this.

The orthodontist sent me for more x-rays and did allsorts of checks with my jaw and measurements of my overbite and then started to explain my treatment plan.

OH MY GIDDY AUNT as much as i hated my smile it was the biggest and gummiest it had ever been when he said he would start by expanding my top palette with a helix expander and then i would have bottom braces first and then 4 weeks later i would get my top brace but first i would need 5 root canals and 4 extractions which I had done all in one go, eeek.

I had to wait 3 long months until my treatment started but i didn’t mind at all, i felt on top of the world and I cried all the way home.

Beckets Tea Room

Free cookie making session at Beckets Tea Room


I had read a post by The Mum Diaries about a free cookie making session at a beautiful tea room opposite our stunning Cathedral so I called and booked my 2 little girls in for the 3 pm session.

We had spent most the half term stuck in the house so they were so excited when I told them we were going to make some cookies and I was happy as I didn’t have to wash up after all the mess.

Surprisingly I had never been to this tea room before and it was right up my street, little teacups and teapots everywhere with an amazing view of our stunning Cathedral. You must visit, its breath-taking.

A room had been set up for the kiddies with aprons and bowls with cookie dough and little treats to add to the cookies.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly lady who was running the session, I am so sorry I didn’t catch her name.

My 2 girls had so much fun making these and adding the treats especially Milly who was eating her cookie dough and chocolate buttons before she had even made it into a cookie shape.

The girl’s faces lit up when their cookies came out smelling amazing and they were huge.


After they had made their masterpieces we decided to go and have a cuppa tea in the restaurant.

The restaurant is a very beautiful place to sit in with a huge stained glass window and throne-like chairs which Lyddy just had to sit in and really friendly-welcoming staff.

We hadn’t done anything this half term so I am really glad we did this, and now I have found this tea room I will be returning and recommending to others.

Thank you Beckets Tea Room






Jason Fenn- The magic man

We were so excited when we booked Jason Fenn, I had asked for recommendations of children’s entertainers on a local mums page and the majority recommended Jason, so I looked for his page and sent him a message and booked him in. He was very patient with me because at the time I didn’t know how many kids were going to come, where I was going to hold the party or even a solid date, as it was quite a few months away.

I finalised the details and then excitedly awaited the day.

Party day:

Jason only needed 15minutes setting up time before the show. He arrived and introduced himself with the biggest smile; asked about the party girl and advised me what he was going to do first, like round up the kids for a group photograph at the beginning.

Our little guests’ ages ranged between 2- 11 years old.

As the little party animals arrived he had music playing with disco lights and he was going around with a bubble gun, which all the children loved – who doesn’t love music and bubbles – and gave out stickers.

Once all our guests had arrived he started the show and from start to finish, he had 27 children entertained; even the shy ones sitting with their mums at the side weren’t left out. It was lovely to see every single child fully engaged in his show. He was really funny from start to finish and had my 11-year-old son and 9-year-old niece on the floor in stitches.

As I looked around the room, every single adult and child was enthralled by him. His magic tricks are amazing and leave you completely mesmerised; especially his last trick which I won’t go into detail about as you need to see it for yourself, made my jaw drop.

Jason offers 3 packages. Bronze, silver and Gold. We opted for the Gold package in the end, as it provided us with two hours of stress-free party entertainment. From start to end, Jason had the children occupied and entertained, which with a room full of around 20 odd children was exactly what was needed – hassle free fun.

Here is a basic rundown of what you get from each package:

The Bronze Package

35-minute magic and fun show. This includes lots of laughs, wonderful magic and audience participation. The birthday child is also gently offered the opportunity to take part in the ‘birthday child magic trick. They also take away a magic coin/ring, a magic wand kit and certificate to remember their special day.

The Silver Package

This package consists of the 30-minute magic show and a 30-minute games session (lots of different games including dancing and sitting down games) with a prize being provided by Jason for the winner (Jason’s professionally produced magic DVD). Following this entertainment, Jason will then hand out the magic wand activity sheets for all of the children (either with the children lined up after the show or whilst they are having food).

The Gold Package

This package is perfect for a 2-hour ‘stress-free, village hall’ type birthday party. You bring the food, he brings the fun.

This package includes everything from the silver package but covers a 2-hour party slot. This includes time for food and the cake ceremony. This is a perfect package if you are looking for a complete games, magic and disco party.

The gold package also includes disco lights, backdrop and bubbles. This adds a disco feel to the party experience.

In a nutshell, the gold package is perfect for those who want a complete party package for a 2-hour party, allowing for a 20 minute food time slot (which is why we chose this option!)

He also has downloadable party invitations, which we edited and printed off. It saved us so much time writing each invitation and they looked really good.

Jason Fenn is definitely worth every penny! I give him a 10 out of 10 for all-round children’s entertainment and I will be highly recommending him on to other mums and dads (we are already planning our youngest daughter’s birthday!)


Thank you for an amazing party, Jason Fenn.

You can book or enquire with Jason Fenn through his website or Facebook

Book early to avoid disappointment.


Disclaimer: My package was upgraded from silver to gold in exchange for a fair and honest review.