Summer time adventure’s with Baby Born

Baby Born Interactive doll- Zapf Creation

Finally, we have some beautiful weather and what better time than to get outdoors with the kids and enjoy the sunshine. Emily has been taking her Baby born interactive boy doll out and about on adventures with his changing bag all ready for feeding, nappy change and a nap.


She loves her dolls and playing mummy and daddy with her cousin Mason from Mummy and Moose. They visited a little café and took Theo to play but he soon got hungry and needed his lunch so grandma (me) prepared his food which was a baby born food sachet and a bit of water, gave it a stir and then mummy and daddy both fed him and gave him his bottle before carried on playing.

They had a lovely afternoon and they both worked together to take care of the baby, there was a little argument along the way however that was just Emily wanting to take over. They took Theo to the play area where he got to experience a slide and a see-saw for the first time.

Luckily we had his changing bag because Emily thought that he might need a wee, after all the water he drank.  They opened the baby born changing bag and pulled out his blue potty, they took his nappy off , once you have adjusted baby’s legs to the sitting position and sat him down on the potty, you just press his belly button and his wee will come out, both kids were very fascinated by this.

the knight tribe- baby born summertime adventure

When Theo finished his wee, they both helped put his nappy back on and carried on playing until it was time to go home.

Our next adventure was to watch Emily’s sister perform with her Majorettes troupe at a local school fete, Theo came along too and they all enjoyed the day out.

She carried his changing bag around which contains a rattle, a play bottle of talc, nappy and a changing mat. The changing bag is sold separately to the doll and is something Emily loves carrying around with her. We also added the accessories included with the doll into the bag which contains;

  • Bottle
  • Dummy and Clip
  • Plate and spoon
  • Sachet of baby food
  • Potty
  • Nappy
  • Birth certificate
  • Matching name tag bracelets

You can also buy different outfits separately and extra food sachets separately.

Another one of our adventures was to Asda to do the food shop where Theo got pushed around with Emily on her trike.


the knight tribe- baby born summertime adventure

the knight tribe- baby born summertime adventure

Emily is looking forward to more summertime adventures with her baby born, Watch this space.

Baby born Interactive doll retails at £39.99 and can be purchased at all good toy shops.


*** I received these items in return for inclusion on my blog***


  1. Nanny josie

    I love Emily’s pink dress

    • Joanne

      Thank you, Nan, I absolutely love smock dresses on little girls.

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