The Knight Tribe- Yumbox Classic from Eatwell UK- Our review

The Knight Tribe-Yumbox

Making the children’s packed lunch every day can be soo boring, they either come back at the end of the day with most of the contents half eaten or with food still in its packaging/wrapper. It can also get very boring for your child opening up their lunch bag to more or less the same thing, so why not make it exciting for them with a Yum box.

The Yumbox Classic

What is it: A 6-compartment Yumbox; perfect for young children (toddlers up to roughly age 8).
Layout: It has five main food wells which can each accommodate ½ cup servings. Each well is labelled with the 5 food groups (vegetable, grains, fruit, dairy and protein) that make up a balanced meal for a young child.
What does it offer: It offers variety and promotes healthy eating habits. Yumbox is perfect for picky eaters. Pack small portions of your child’s favourite foods, or bite size pieces of sandwiches.
Its compact size and illustrated tray makes every lunch an adventure in good nutrition.
Who is it designed for: The Yumbox Classic was designed to assist parents in presenting a healthy meal with a variety of foods to create a balanced meal. You may use less food for a toddler or fill each well for an older child.
How much is it? RRP £24.95
How big is it? The box (with its removable tray inside) measures 22cm x 15cm x 5cm and weighs 490g
Is it leakproof? Yes – all of the Yumbox range feature a single, leakproof, lid

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Now I know your thinking how expensive it is for a lunch box. However I can honestly say it’s worth every penny, Emily and Lydia always bring it home empty and they are great for days out too.

If you wanted to jazz their lunches up even more, you can buy accessories like a carry case, extra trays, Lunch punches, plastic kebab skewers for fruit and then just let your imagination run wild.

This is what ours look like

As you can see from my photo’s, these are some of the lunches I have made for the girls, they look forward to seeing whats inside when it’s lunchtime. I also make them fun by adding little edible eyes.

I am looking forward to experimenting more with our Yumbox and would 100% reccomend it to parents/carers with young children.

*I received one Yumbox in return for an honest and open review, all opinions are my own.***

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