The Knight Tribe| Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle – Dreamworks Spirit

Ravensburger kindly sent us a DreamWorks Spirit, XXL, 100pc Jigsaw puzzle last week to review

The KnIght Tribe - Ravensburger jigsaw

(We received a Dreamsworks Spirit jigsaw puzzle in return for an honest review on our blog)

After school the kids go to is either the television or their tablets and like most parents, this bothers me as I prefer them to play with traditional toys so I was intrigued to see their reaction when we received a Dreamworks Spirit jigsaw puzzle to which one they would go to and I am happy to report they picked the jigsaw puzzle.


The KnIght Tribe - Ravensburger jigsawLydia was keener than Emily at first as she started to find the corners and straight edges and then Emily became interested and sat down next to her to help.


After a few raised voices they seemed to work together quite nicely, Lydia asked Emily to find all the pieces which looked like they belonged to a horse and put them together. Emily tried to work out which piece went where and I did not have to worry about her being heavy-handed and breaking any parts as they seemed quite robust.

The KnIght Tribe - Ravensburger jigsaw

They spent roughly about an hour completing the puzzle with very little input from me and they were very proud of themselves for working together nicely to finish the jigsaw.

The KnIght Tribe - Ravensburger jigsaw

As a mum, this is a win-win because not only did they work together and play nicely with Lydia taking leadership and explaining to Emily how to do the puzzle, Emily listened and together they managed to finish it. The other win was because of the quality of the puzzle and sturdiness of the pieces I know they’ll be able to do this more than once. They have even asked for more jigsaw puzzles too.

This puzzle is aimed at children 6+ and has 100 extra large soft click pieces with a high-quality image of Lucky, PRU, Chica, Linda, Abigail and boomerang setting off on another adventure on the front.


You can purchase your very own here.

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  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    My six year old daughter loves jigsaws, shes not watched spirit yet but im sure she will be a fan when she does xx

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    These are amazing puzzles – LEARNING made fun – always the best

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